1999 National show and competition results
IPMS Auckland hosted the 1999 nationals over the weekend of 17-18 April 1999 at the Auckland Marine rescue centre. All photos by Lance Whitford unless otherwise noted.

The  Best of Show award Went to Randy Hampton from Wellington for his breathtaking "Blood Warrior Bust"

blood001.jpg (73080 bytes)



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Class Description Model Modeller Thumbnail image
Military 1:48 (kit) - Propellor driven - Single engine Post ww2 F8F-2D Bearcat Bevan Davidson
Military1:72 (kit) - Propellor Driven - Multi-engine He 111 H-6 Michael Webb  
Civil aircraft Boeing 727-200F DHL Doug Parrington
Military 1:48 (kit) - Jet - Multi-engine BAC Lightning F6 John Darlington
Vacforms Westland Wyvern Bevan Davidson
Military 1:48 (kit) - Propellor driven - Single engine ww2 Spitfire Prototype Bevan Davidson
Military 1:72 (kit) - Helicoptors Hughes OH6A Cayuse P Dingwall  
Military 1:48 (kit) - Helicoptors Hokum Kevin Benson  
Vacforms F4J Martin Van Ginkel  
Military 1:72 (kit) - Jet- Single engine F-104S ASA Starfighter Craig Sargent
Military 1:72 (kit) - Propellor Driven - Single engine Hawker Hurricane Bill Bourke
Military 1:48 (kit) - Propellor driven - Multi-engine Mosquito FB VII Bevan Davidson
Dioramas Grumman F4 U4 Bill Bourke  
Civilian vehicles       
Motorcycles (all scales/types) Yamaha TZ250M Johnathan Thompson
Box Stock 69 Shelby Mustang 500 Bill Redward
Competition (closed wheel) Daytona Cobra Kerry Lawrence  
1:32 and smaller McLaren M23 Kerry Lawrence
Street Rod 69 Dodge Dart Bill Redward  
Replica Stock ( pre and post 1948) 68 Shelby GT 500 KR Convertible Steve Holgate
Drag racing Pepsi Top Fuel Dragster Johnathan Thompson
Dioramas (all types) Pennzoil Drag racing scene Jack Martin
Collections ( 5 or more closely related items) McLaren Can Am Collection Kerry Lawrence
Mounted - all eras - 100mm and larger Mounted Light Horse lancer Sean Talbot  
Dismounted - all eras - 54mm - 69mm (incl 1:35) 42nd Highlander in the Crimea Richard Alexander hlndr01t.jpg (11335 bytes)
Dismounted - all eras - 100mm and larger Blood Warrior Bust Randy Hampton blood001t.jpg (17060 bytes)
Vignettes - up to 4 figures, all scales/eras US Cavalry 1876 Randy Hampton uscav001t.jpg (14562 bytes)
Dioramas (all scales/types) Grumman Panther James Bourke  
Civilian Vehicles (all scales/types) Subaru Impreza Jean Pierre Giradin  
Aircraft (all scales/types) Hawker Seafury Budi Walker  
Military vehicles       
Vignettes K-1 tank M S Kang  
Soft Skin Vehicles - pre 1950 GMC truck Nicholas Budd gmc001t.jpg (16436 bytes)
Dioramas - More than 1 vehicles and figures - all scales/types/eras Maultier Steve Evans  
1:35 (kit) - Armoured vehicles - post 1950 M106A1 4.2 inch SP Mortar Ian Garnett  
Conversions Challenger 1 Mk 3 Ian Garnett chall001t.jpg (10265 bytes)
Artillery - Towed ( All Types and scales) Pak 40 Lance Whitford pak4001t.jpg (10130 bytes)
1:35 (kit) - Armoured vehicles - pre 1950 - Tracked Valentine Lance Whitford val001t.jpg (14554 bytes)
Artillery - Self-propelled ( All Types and scales) Bishop SP 25 pounder Lance Whitford bish01t.jpg (13406 bytes)
Miscelleneous Fighter jock's office Martin Van Ginkel  
Ships 1:499 and larger US Navy Fletcher Class Destroyer Peter Randall  
Ships 1:500 and smaller USS Franklin Peter Randall  
Ships 1:499 and larger Fletcher Class Destroyer Bob Beaver  
Space & Sci Fi       
Real spacecraft/missiles and vehicles (all scales) Fiesler F1-103 Steve Westerby v1001t.jpg (7631 bytes)
Fictional and fantasy spacecraft and vehicles (all scales) Halcyon Sulaco Nicholas Budd space001t.jpg (6442 bytes)
Fictional and fantasy figures (all scales) Warhammer 40 K figure Hans Lui troll001t.jpg (11969 bytes)

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